Technology - Process - Innovation

BrightFront Group is a strategy and operations consultancy in the intersection of Social Impact and Emerging Markets. Our work centered on Technology and Innovation across sectors focusing on digital and telecom technologies, data for decision-making, AI and blockchain.

We balance project collaborations with involvement with broader conversations on future directions of technology in developing and emerging markets.

We focus on People + Organization, as well as Strategy + Innovation

BrightFront supports clients entering new and unknown terrain. This spans the range from innovation and opportunities to strategic defense against changing conditions and crisis

BrightFront also works with CSR and philanthropic entities to vet, coach, and refine the trajectory of social venture portfolios.

BrightFront is operationally focused and takes a balanced approach, recognizing that Technology offerings, effective Operations processes, and strong Partnerships are all essential components for positive outcomes. We understand the perspective of both technologist and non-technologist stakeholders.

BrightFront brings in management, human resource and technology best practices and tools. These results–based approaches emphasize work processes and team structures that are precise, modular, creative, and efficient - adaptable to modern, rapidly changing circumstances.

We are a global and inclusive team with proven record of bridging diverse professional cultures. We are known as resourceful team players who can rapidly contribute