Research & Analysis

BrightFront conducts specialized research and analysis. Our team has extensive experience with Human Centered Design product and service design.

Strategy & Planning

BrightFront works with key stakeholders to understand day-to-day decisions, track progress and optimize approaches for the future.

Partnership Development

BrightFront sources, vets, and coordinates discussions to build mutually beneficial alliances to further client agendas.

Operations Support

BrightFront takes on operational roles within an existing team to increase efficiency and effectiveness and to deliver against target goals.

Project Management

BrightFront plans and manages initiatives full cycle as well as project portfolios for clients.

Implementation & Scaling

BrightFront works closely with client teams to plan and launch high-profile initiatives and execute solutions at scale.

BrightFront works with clients to deliver value against strategy, particularly supporting new processes and emerging opportunities.

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